Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dog Post!

Side note: I recently decided in my small little brain that if I were to get a laptop, I then would have more time, magically, to blog. I have had the laptop since Monday. It is now Thursday and I have only just now had a chance to blog. Having the new laptop does not give me something to blog about though so I will have to stick with whats going on around here.

Noah graduated from Puppy Star Kindergarten and because he is such a wonder and a marvel, they have accelerated his learning and he skipped a grade.  I wandered around proudly for a week, and then gathered my pride and a bag full of treats and took the little wonder dog to his first LEVEL TWO obedience class.  We introduced ourselves and the teacher set the stage and we began to run through our tricks. It didnt take long for me to figure out that although Noah is an extremely smart boy (and rather cute I might add), his owner, is just an owner. His owner is not a marvel, wonder owner or any great amazing "natural" obedience trainer. No, sadly, Noah's owner is just a dog owner and at best, mediocre. 

IN case I had not really grasped this, I spent the entire evening sweating, hollering commands and chasing the little IMP around the arena. I think I may have even seen one of the other owners stifle a laugh!  Thankfully though, Noah really is a genius and he was able to guide me and we got through the day.

Oh and our homework is... teach your dog to spin, no direction, no cheating and looking it up but we must teach that dog to spin on command. I don't know about you, but I go to these things because I do not posess the ability to teach a dog to spin on command, without direction. That is the whole point after all.
Thanks lady. Thanks for making me feel confident and secure. I am sure that attitude will rub off on the dog and he will remain well rounded.



DayPhoto said...

You made me laugh out loud! I agree that IS why you go to training. And what the heck...who cares about spinning?


Lisa said...

LOL Linda... I have to admit, he isnt spinning and i only have 2 more days!

Robin said...

Oh dear, we had a class like that once. Unfortunately, we ended up dropping out after two classes because the lady teaching it (who was filling in for the real teacher) expected you to know how to train your dog without telling you how to do it. So poor Edgar only got to go to puppy school and beginners before his owners dropped out of intermediate. lol Noah is one pretty boy by the way.