Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Friday we took the day off, set our alarm clock for 5am (yep that’s right) and then headed out on a 2 hour drive to Mt. Moosilauke here in NH. It is the first over 4,000 foot mountains in NH on the Appalachian Trail standing at a honkin 4,802! I have climbed this bitch mountain before but Dave couldn’t make it the first time due to some stomach nightmare so I promised him I would hike it again. I just needed some time to forget how hard it was. Bet your bippy I remembered how hard it was about 30 seconds on the trail. Ahh it was so worth it though*. I mean what a gorgeous view and the weather was incredible! The snow covered mountain in the picture is actually Mt. Washington.

Saturday I did the last leg of a rescue transport for an adorable 9 month old Great Dane puppy. I had to evaluate him and then bring him to the foster family’s house. He was so cute but so inappropriate! Hopefully he will settle in, learn some manners and be ready to go to his new home!

Yesterday, as a family**, we tended the garden. I prepared the beds and planted the seedlings that were started back in March. Andrew planted seeds (beans, peas, spinach etc), Tarynn raked and Dave added more fencing to the chicken pen to expand their area into the back yard. They now have the entire fenced in back yard to scratch in. Our reasoning behind that was basically, the dogs*** yard needed some TLC with tick removal and long weeds. Why not turn all that into yummy eggs?

I also attempted to make cheese yesterday using the vinegar and milk method. yes it turned into cheese but it was the blandest cheese I have ever tasted. I would love it if someone would speak up and tell me what I did wrong! :)
All in all it was a very busy but productive weekend. I am really looking forward to kicking back and relaxing!
Next weekend we bring home Noah! So much for relaxation!

*worth it now that I am done. ** when I say as a family I mean the kids got paid. ***Django really is the only one thus far that would not eat the chickens, frank has a bit of a prey drive ;).
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Give away announcement!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Its Spring at last! I have moved my started plants outside for the hardening off and will plop them into the ground this week! We planted beans, peas and corn last weekend and will plant the rest this week! I also successfully pickled eggs! I KNOW! What an amazing thing that is! I did such a great job with them that I felt brave enough to do it again!

Yesterday we spent the day with 8- 7 week old great dane puppies. They were like little sharks! SO cute and so much fun. We think we have finally decided on which one will be coming home with us! He will be home in about 7-14 days depending on when he gets to the vet for the first time! Other than that, everyone here is fine. I think the chickens are getting along (finally) and the little chickens are in with teh big ones. I have to admit though... the Jersey Giant Roo we got at 8 weeks old may be a hen. Not 100% sure. Oddly enough, normal people would be happy about that, but not me, I have no rooster! Time will tell I suppose. He/she hasnt tried to crow or anything and he is about 12 weeks old.

So thats it for me! I will leave you with a puppy picture!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The one where she plugs a product.

So i totally have to say this. I recently became a bzzagent. I figured I would give it a try and give HONEST reviews of the products as I see it. The first product they gave me to review is Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-clean Power Sprayer. Now first let me say this... I dont know if I would have purchased this in the store myself. Its about $9 (i have coupons so ask me if you want one for $5 off) so without the coupon I probably would not have purchased it. I got it and thought I would really put it to the test.

Last summer we had an incident with the water softener. Incident as in, it died. I guess thats an incident... but the tragedy of the whole thing was we didn't notice for a bit. you know... "harry why is the inside of the toilet orange". Yeah so the whole house turned orange from rust stains... Most of that is gone now but there is a downstairs shower that has one of those "inserts" you know what I mean? We have one of the one-piece showers down there. It absorbed all the rust color and has not come off.

Harry and I were like "aha!" we will put this scrubby bubbly stuff to the test with the shower!

The cool part about the product is that its battery operated. Yeah i know that sounds really dumb but it sure saved my hand when I saturated the shower with this stuff. Then wiped... and... what??? it WORKED!!
Now the label says it works for up to 4 days so I am really interested to see how this whole thing will turn out but if I had to say right now, I would totally give it 10 fingers up! I likey!