Friday, September 17, 2010

Back up generator - Dave

So, A couple weeks ago I posted something to the survival group about a new less expensive option for hooking up your house to a generator. Although you can still use dedicated transfer switches and circuits, they are not necessary.
Here is the finished product. The top right breaker is now a special dual pole 30 amp which is wired to the outside of the house (next picture). The bracket which fits on the panel is a sort of lock-out which prevents the 200 amp mains from being on, while the generator is feeding the panel. Same principle as the transfer switch only cheaper. Since this backfeeds the panel, every circuit in the house could be used (limited of course by the power you have in the generator).
Outside hookup.
Although this increased the cost, we went with 75 ft of 6 GA wire... This allows us to move the generator well away from the house to an outbuilding and the 6 GA is capable of handling a larger generator up to 50 amps. The spare box, and breaker shown are for when the larger generator is installed, right now we have a smaller 30 amp 7500 watt gen.
Its such a simple solution I'm ./pun SHOCKED! that it wasn't created sooner. Anyone wishing to install even a TINY generator to their house can complete the task on the cheap.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So sorry!!

Fall is normally my favorite time of the year. I love the weather and the colors that we get in New England.  The weather is perfect for all of those out door activities like walks, hikes, bike riding. Its a great time to fish and have deck parties... It is so sad really. I have spent much of my free head space time these last weeks planning next year's garden!! Trying to assess what I can do differently and what I should repeat. Plan locations of next year's crops and plan which crops to skip. I have been silently wishing this was June and not September. I feel as though I am betraying my beloved fall!!

To cheer fall up, I got a new toy that will help me enjoy the weather!! All it needs is a basket on the front and a big flag on the back and it will be totally ME!!

So Fall, I am very sorry for betraying you as you approach. I still love your colors and pumpkins, I love your blowing leaves and crisp mornings. I love your holidays and I love your beef stew days. I just have had such a great run with Summer it has been hard to say goodbye.