Monday, August 30, 2010

I love Lucy!

I have to admit, I am pretty bummed that the gardening season is winding down. I learned a lot about our garden in the last two years. First and foremost I learned that our garden is very shaded, much more than we thought, and therefore it takes weeks longer for us to get fruit or to ripen than the average NH garden. We are dangerously close to being too late and yet our first beefsteak is ripening on the vine as I speak. That's right, I said FIRST beefsteak. The unripened fruit is plentiful but we just don't have the sunshine to back it up!
Summer Crookneck Squash - 150 Seeds
Powdery mildew, a Biotrophic FungusImage via Wikipedia

Yesterday I cleared out several beds. I pulled the old bean plants as well as the snap peas. I also ended up with a pretty darn good case of powdery mildew that got to my squash and zucchini as well as my pumpkin plant so I pulled them as well. Looking out over the garden and seeing these bare spots really brings home the season's end.  Now poor Harry has to put up with my winter blues and hair brained schemes that keep me (and my brain and eventually him) busy. Think of it a little like an older, more modern I love Lucy episode.

Shmoopywood is good, we have not been working on it. Life has just taken us away from preparing our home in the north. Instead, we have been focusing on preparing our southern home. This is not a negative thing, its a very good thing. We have taken several large steps in getting to where we need to be!! I am sure Dave will be happy to help me with the "milling your own wheat" post I have swirling in my head too! Which is one of the winter ideas. Until then... hasta la bye bye ;)
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warren said...

Looking forward to the milling your own wheat post...we do it sometimes but not all the time. I will be anxious to see your thoughts...