Thursday, August 12, 2010

I made squash!

I feel like I have accomplished something when something “unusual” comes out of my garden. Nevermind the fact that everwhere I look it says that Yellow Squash is the easiest to grow. I am happy to have one come out of my garden successfully! I also had to hand pollinate my squashONE lone female pumpkin flower. All the flowers all summer have been male. When the female budded, I just couldn't leave that to chance! Strange because the same thing is happening with my zucchini. All the flowers have been male.

Anyway, behold in all its glory… my squash!


(there is another one coming in to be picked in a few days too!)

In other news, we have been really busy going from amusment to amusement and seeing all the sites. Today we were in Faneuil hall and the New England Aquarium. It was nice!!!

When we got home, it was discovered that Frank pooped on the rug and then walked through it and got it on the couch, the wall, the rug and on the pillows (about 9 of them) so off I went to Target to get new pillows lol. You really do have to have a good sense of humor with Great Danes!


Shell said...

Congrats! I'm still waiting on my tomatoes... fickle things. lol

Lisa said...

I am only getting cherry tomatoes. It seems that every time I have a full sized tomato (beefsteak) that approaches maturity, it gets blossom end rot. I have added oyster shells, I have stopped watering them... there is nothing that is fixing it!!

DayPhoto said...

So rainy here my stuff is not coming on. I suppose I will never get a really nice tomato or my beans as the next thing to happen will be a freeze.