Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little bit of this and that

Every year we take a nice long vacation with our cousin from Florida. She is 14 this year and has been raised the majority of her life in Florida so you can imagine that New Hampshire is definitely a change for her when she gets here. We aren't doing anything special really, just the touristy things that the residents of this area do not usually get the opportunity to attend. Either because when we see the beauty every day we tend to not really “SEE” the beauty any more. We will be taking a trek to VT to see the Ben and Jerry’s factory, maybe go to Boston for a day, climb a mountain, and we will also be headed to the cabin for a day as well. We have a week to accomplish all this and the weather looks really hot too.

Map picture

The garden is doing great, we have started to harvest the cherry tomatoes from the garden as well as cucumbers. I have quite a few yellow squash growing as well. The beans are fairly well spent as well as the sugar snap peas. I will see if I can find a few minutes to snap pictures of the garden. I do have to say on the negative side though, I have had to hand pollinate most of my squash. I cannot for the life of me get the bees into my garden!

The critters in my household have not faired as well. I am not sure if I told you but the little stinky puppy brought home kennel cough. That chain reactioned through the entire house of dogs. One of our guys is an older dude so we were really concerned about him getting it so they all ended up going on Docycycline to prevent the secondary infections which could be deadly to him. Danes are sensitive and sometimes when they get sick, it can cause them to break out with other problems as well. My guys all started with Acne, or Staph. Apparently the Doxy wiped out their ability to fight the staph. Django got it in his eyes as well as his chest and belly. Frank got it between his toes (see picture). So now those two are on more antibiotics to prevent more problems.

cam 007

Django also has other issues. It seems like he is losing his back end. We aren't really sure what the issue is. I could go into the whole sordid detail of what each vet thinks it is but what it all comes down to in the end is the treatments are the same…There is no treatment. So we have started acupuncture and chiro with him. It was really pretty cool! I am not sure today if what I see is really an improvement or if it is just me wanting it to have worked but he seems like he is walking way less stiffly.

So that is us and the state of our little homestead. I feel like this summer is zooming by us without any chance and hope to slow it down.


Robin said...

Sightseeing sounds fun and like a nice change of pace. The dog trauma sounds stressful. I hate it when things like that happen. :(

lisa said...

Robin, I really feel like we have spent most of our summer at the vet this year!!