Thursday, July 29, 2010

One More Thing?

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This summer has really been fantastic. The weather is amazing. I feel like this is well deserved due to the horrible and almost intolerable winter we had. I am not really sure what made last winter so intolerable. Perhaps I was left alone with my own thoughts too long. I lack winter hobbies in a big way. Harry and I started to bowl which was super fun and I got back into needlepoint and puzzling but I think that was not enough to keep my mind away from the garden I was dying to tend and the life I want to lead.

Summer for me is a small glimpse into the life that I wish I had. Tending the animals and weeding the garden allows me to transport myself in my head to a 20 acre farm that I wish I had! The real stinker is that with the economy, I see these gorgeous and affordable farms going up on the market because people cannot afford to support themselves. They are within a price range that Harry and I could afford but we can’t take that leap due to our family situation and the fact that we already have 2 houses. Selling Swood would not only be heart breaking for me, but also, I think, in its current state, near impossible. Buying a third house would spread us too thinly.

My brain brings me here today just because I have been really enjoying the weather and life in general but there is always that “one more thing” that I wish we had. I suppose life is ALWAYS going to be like that. Do you suppose there is anyone that sits and says “wow my life is totally full and I desire nothing else”? Or do you think there is always “one more thing” they wished they had?
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DayPhoto said...

I had to close my eyes and look quickly away when I saw all that snow.... I am NOT ready! No I am not!!!!!