Tuesday, April 1, 2008


My name is Lisa D and we decided recently to put this blog up to track our progress of building a cabin together with my family. We did hire a contractor to put in the foundation and to build the shell but we intend on finishing the house by ourselves and with the help of friends and extended family. Our intention is to continue the build using as many recycled materials as we can.
I will have to backtrack a bit to catch you up.

My husband Dave and I - together with our children- decided that we wanted a piece of land in the mountains and we decided that we wanted to build a house there. So in July of 2006 we located our spot and bought it. The lot already had an 800 foot well dug, as well as a 3 bedroom septic but there is currently no electric service, nor is there a well pump. There was a 10 x 20 hunting cabin already placed on the lot in which we intended on sleeping in while we figure the rest out. Our intentions are to keep this house "off grid" and apply no electrical services to the house whatsoever. We would like to power the house with solar/wind/water power only. We knew that it would take some time and that things would morph as we went along into what soon would be our heaven. Unfortunately, we did not plan on a blog, so we have to go back and show you what has been done previously.


So that brings us to the almost end of 2007

The interior:

The Master Bedroom Loft