Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Even a perfect plan is subject to Armageddon

We had it all worked out perfectly. Dave was going to grab Frankenstein and head up to S-wood early, unload some things, fire up the stove and warm up the house so that we could have a longer weekend. Rather than going up on Saturday morning when the sun was out and having the entire day to warm up the house. It takes a good 5 hours to warm up the house via wood stove to a comfortable level and you really do not want to do that overnight. I got my phone call at 4pm stating that he was getting off the highway and will be there shortly (we do not have cell connection nearer to the cabin).
All was planned and going as scheduled...

My phone rings again at 4:40pm
"We have a problem"
My first instinct is that something happened to the house, or the dog, or dave. I soon find out, I am somewhat correct about the house.
Apparently the house is infested, i mean infested with Mosquitoes. Now keep in mind, we were up there for the day 2 weeks ago but we have since had some unseasonably warm weather. Hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes INSIDE our house that has no electricity or running water for that matter.

We are baffled but mostly we are concerned about how to handle this situation.
Nature may take its course and the skeeters may die off, but what does that mean for the spring? We could use a toxic bug bomb but what repercussions are there for our "green" house as well as the family and the dogs?

So Shmoopywood is now quarantined until we can figure out... what to do with the end of the world infestation.