Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Fall is Coming!

Our garden is winding down, the beans and snap peas are spent, the squash is slowing. Yes, i still have some watermelon ripening as well as my peppers and potatoes. Sadly, I see evidence of the fall creeping up on us. The kids are headed back to school Wednesday, Tarynn to begin her Senior year in high school and Andrew to start his Freshman year. We are taking time to enjoy each other as we all know, our time together will change soon as they fly away from the nest. We are planning our next hatch which will be in the winter, and we are also planning next year’s garden. We have learned that our garden is a bit shadier than others so our garden is slightly behind and slower to ripen. Not sure what the ramifications of this are, I guess we run the risk of losing our tomatoes or harvest to weather. We like our wooded yard though so I am not sure we are willing to change that, but we can plant more creatively to make it work for us.

Yesterday I got to have a play date with my friend’s puppy Nycon. Nycon’s family was going to be away from home all day and since he is just a small puppy (7.5 months old and 100+ pounds) he needed someone to watch him. Originally his family was just wondering if I could come and take him for a walk or something but this morphed into a fun play date for Noah and then into Day of the danes. I will leave you with pictures of our youngest Dane and his best bud having a day together.

Enjoy your last days of warmth.

Trip1 001

Noah and Nycon 3 months ago

daneday 034

Nycon and Noah today


playing puppies.


warren said...

Holy cow! I love your story! I am so glad you found me so I can read about your progress! This is the sort of story my wife and kids and I are beginning to plan. We have started scoping out property and so on. Meanwhile, we practice a lot of energy reducing strategies around our current house. Anyhow, I plan to read back over your's a great story so far!

lisa said...

Warren - Oh man you know I do that... I have been reading you guys for a while! I just never remember to introduce myself and then I just pop in and think that the person is supposed to know who i am lol!! SO yeah hi, I am Lisa and we are trying to be much more sustainable but sadly we have to keep working while we build our future in a different location!