Friday, May 30, 2008

Interior Progress- Bathroom

Dave and I set out early this morning to install the laminate flooring that we scored at Lowes. It is recycled from a damaged return from a customer that did not care about the material. The top boards were a mess but the boards in the bundle itself were gorgeous.

I let dave lay a few pieces while I dusted off my camera. He did the cut and I laid the floor. We were a great team and accomplished it in only a few hours.

We moved all the really heavy furniture back in the room and I took a picture. Remember, most of this furniture was recycled from the dump or craigslist!

The next day after some sleep, I set off to painting the bathtub. Dave and I stripped and spray painted the feet the day before (not 100% sold on the feet color but the sink is copper).
This is our finished product:

Tomorrow we leave for the cabin again. Along with wrangling danes we hope to start some plumbing. We have done some ebay shopping over the last week and acquired ourselves a faucet. I had an opportunity for a tub faucet too but we kind of forgot to measure the fixture space so I dont want to getthem and have it not fit.

We also snagged ourselves some ceiling fans for the upstairs loft area. So once we get those in, i will of course post pictures!