Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blue Angels


airshow 259 The family, including our kids, hopped in our truck and headed about 45 minutes east of us to go to the Blue Angels air show.  I had never been to an air show before so I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew the weather would be really nice and I also know that Hubby LOVES the Blue Angels so we packed up our crap and headed out. I made sure I grabbed my camera. We got there around 11:30 and stayed at the actual show until right before the blue angels started, then we headed out to the parking lot with the idea that we would be able to beat some of the traffic. These are the pictures I got from the parking lot!




This picture they were turning and went right over our heads.

airshow 360 We were really lucky that we decided to handle things that way because the news said this morning that some people were sitting 100 feet from their parking space three hours later! I have to say that the show was lovely and the kids flying the planes were incredibly friendly and kind. I also have to say that the planning for this event was VERY poor. They didn’t let people bring coolers and ice (not sure why not but ok) and this prevented most people from bringing their own food. Then they only figured 70,000 people for the entire weekend. Yesterday alone was more than 70,000 people and by about 2pm they had completely run out of water. The food was 1hour wait in line! It was really bad.



I zoomed in on this here at home and you can see the pilots heads :)


Because we left a bit early we were fully able to enjoy the show (90%) and the whole ride home only took 45 minutes. It was incredible! what did you do this weekend?airshow 131












This is an idea of how many people were there.

airshow 384

When we left people were pulled over on the side of highway 95S because the Blue Angels were passing over the road.

airshow dave 200

me and the rug rats

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