Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Boy and The Big Hole

First, my apologies to you all for not being diligent in my posting. Truth is, we have not been up there too often in the last few weeks, in fact, just once in the last 30 days. I did however pass my motorcycle test in case you were wondering.
That being said, I have a little story!

The long and sometimes frightening driveway to our love shack ;)

2 weeks ago we headed up to S-wood for my favorite trip of the year. It was 100% peak foliage up there! We also had things we had to accomplish. A few blog posts ago, Dave mentioned the wood fired furnace that we purchased for the cabin. Well most of you know, with a wood stove/furnace comes a chimney. Dave tortured himself for weeks, heck, months about where this furnace would go to live. To be honest, I think he has been chewing on this since before we even HAD a wood fired furnace! Eventually he came to the conclusion that it needed to go through the foundation. Unfortunately, we hadnt thought we needed additional heating when we poured said foundation so we had no knock out. Now comes our weekend... Dave, armed with a chisel and a sledgehammer with 9 hours of work time, chipping away like a crazy person in jail with a spoon digging his way out. Seriously, for a while there it was so Shawshank Redemption it was almost frightening.

The Good news is, after 2 days and 9 solid hours of clinking and clanking away, Dave managed to break through the foundation and chip away a beautiful although unphotographed hole in our very thick and very expensive foundation. The bad news is, by the time it was done, we had to pack up and high-tail it out of there to go get the kids at their father's house and therefore left the above hole in the wall.

Sure we stuffed some fiberglass into it to keep out the rodents.

This weekend we will be returning and shoving some stove pipe into that hole. Our hope is to finish securing it and possibly even attach it to something, like a furnace.

I worked hard too that weekend - ok i didnt really... but I did enjoy one of the best fall displays I have seen in my life.

Oh and Django enjoyed it too.

The view at the dam which is about 900 feet from our house in an open field.

Django having some "me" time ;)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We are still here

We have not been to S-wood in the last few weeks. Battling colds (grr), learning how to ride my motorcycle, and doing Dane Rescue events has prevented us from having the time but we are going up on Friday and I can't wait!!! Its sadly almost time to batten down the hatches, and get ready for teh winter season up there. Last year we got caught unprepared and could not get up to the house from December-March!