Thursday, July 23, 2009

Say it again!

On Friday my husband said magic words to me after he got back from the town dump... Ok well he said words other than "you don't have to go to the dump this week honey", which are magical as well, but not what I am trying to talk about here.

The magical words that I speak of are in fact "I saw Gus". Gus is a local genius who drives around towns and calls people from Craigs list and gets items that would otherwise be thrown into landfills and either refurbishes them and sells them for a mint, or sells them as is. Whenever Dave says the words "I saw Gus" that is as good as him telling me Christmas is 6 times a year because inevitably I am getting something really good out of the deal. So when I heard those magic words I quickly asked "WHAT WHAT WHAT"... (That is a falsity, I actually squealed first and then asked What but I was trying to make you think I was so cool calm and collected). It seems that while wandering around Gus's store, Dave stumbled upon a mint rocking chair and a gorgeous (and antique) spinning wheel!!! He got them both for 1/15th of what they were worth AND he is keeping them out of landfills. We are proudly displaying them now at Swood for all to enjoy along with all our other "recycled" items.

Here they are:

For the record, they are not staying out on the front porch arranged in that manner, that was just for the picture ;)

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Cary at Serenity Farms said...

What a lovely photo!

Lisa said...


Christine said...

WHAT??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I need to see Gus.