Monday, July 6, 2009

Mother Nature is Patriotic!

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We had a weekend up at S-wood and what a great weekend we had!! You see, here in New Hampshire, it has been raining since... well... I can't really remember when it started but I know its been WEEKS since we had a sunshiney day! THis weekend was sunny and gorgeous with the 'occasional interuption' from mother nature who felt as though she would like to exibit her patriotism and do some fireworks of her own.patriotic fireworks
Here is our flag which proudly hangs on the front of Swood when we are there, and in the background you can see Mom Nature's show coming over the mountain.

Also, while we were there soaking up some rays, Django was helping me Map our way home (around the 4th of July traffic)

After Django showed me the way home, I got to take a walk with my camera around our land. We are on the side of a "hill/mountain" in the north country so our land is not flat.
Here I am stand at the highest elevation of our lot (hmmm maybe 1800 feet??) on our land line (see the tree in the foreground is marked, thats how we do it in these parts) and looking straight down into what I call the "ravine" its funny because the lot has like "waves" that go long ways down the land and at the same time they are tilting up as well. I love our place. Someday this is gonna be where our goats play.

This slime was near where I was standing and I had to take a picture of it so I could research and see what it was!! very interesting stuff!

I can't wait go go and read what all of you all did this weekend! Whatever it was, I hope it was safe and happy!

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Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures. I have a friend that lives in VT and she talked about all the rain. We got that this past spring, I got so tired of rain. I am sure by next month I will be wishing for it though!