Thursday, July 16, 2009

the big harvest

In our 'sustainability' experiment, we didn't much figure for the onslaught of slugs and natural disasters. Unfortunately that means that our yield is very low. I am talking extremely low. ON the plus side, we are making notes and learning exactly what it is that we messed up on, we are learning about the hazards we can control, and those that we cannot control, like 3 solid weeks of rain. I have so many notes on better placement of vegetables and marigolds... notes on marigolds! I have slug remedies, and natural bug remedies...Dave and I have also gained an ENORMOUS amount of respect for organic gardeners/farmers as it has seemed we would rid our garden of 1 type of pest and be riddled with another.
I have learned how to hand polinate cucumbers due to bad rains and lack of bee help! So even though our grand harvest (pictured below) may seem small... the knowledge gained has been priceless!


Jennifer said...

I tried to comment on this post the other day and my computer messed up. We don't see the honey bees around here like we used to a few years ago. There used to be lots of them, now it is rare to see one. The bumble bees have been pollinating our garden in the morning. So I avoid it then because they are territorial little buggers! I miss the honeybees.

Lisa said...

I too miss seeing honey bees. I have NOT seen any in a very long time. I see the bumblebees but not honeybees :( We have also noted the lack of bats.... what is going on?