Sunday, July 12, 2009

Green eggs and ham

A few weeks ago, D and I were driving down the road and I noticed a sign that said "free pallets". "Free Pallets? You love Pallets!" I exclaimed.
And so he does, and so we stopped and we took a couple pallets (read: as much as we could fit into the truck) and we were on our way. Fast forward to today. THE SUN CAME OUT!!! And off we went like little worker bees into the yard to do some long forgotten chores.

I gave up on the lettuce and the radishes(old) and pulled the wilted and eaten remains out, turned the soil and plopped in MORE lettuce, some more Tom Thumb peas and green beans. I hope that since it rained all spring that maybe this second half of the summer will give me some warm fuzzies and let me grow SOMETHING. I am going to be on diligent slug patrol which makes the chickens happy as they just so happen to be 15 feet from the garden and when I find one, I normally chuck it over the fence into their pen. You can hear their feet running to whatever mommy just tossed us. Its hysterical!

Dave ran off to the back part of our lot to create what we have been dreaming of!! Ok so some girls want diamonds, others want cars, I want a compost pile! My husband is CAPTAIN ROMANCE so he wanted to please me by creating this masterpiece. Backstory: last year I wanted a compost bin SO BAD that I ordered one from ebay, the kind you put stuff into and spin and it makes compost in 3 months. Well it didnt get here for 3 months!!! Showed up at the end of november which is useless. We did however put all of our kitchen scraps and some yard scraps into it every week sine we got it. Now its full!! Since we got it so late, it wasnt ready for the garden when we started it and now that its full, we need a place to put it! So my darling husband is making me a pile that we can continue to create this beautiful fertile yum for our plants. NEXT year I am going to add large quantities of this black gold into my garden and NEXT year its going to be sunny and we are going to have a lush flourishing garden and we will harvest it and then move to teh NEXT stage of our learning which will be Canning!

Once again I have gone off on a tangent and forgotten my own point!

This compost area is 100% made with recycled materials and materials left over from other projects (chicken coop)!!
<img src="Photobucket" alt="" />

Isnt it lovely?

Also, today i got my first egg from one of my other chickens. Yes folks, thats 3 eggs a day now!! we are moving on up!!! Hopefully soon my younger hens, who are now all 17 weeks, will start laying too and I will find myself inundated with eggs.

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