Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here Comes The Sunshine!

Sometimes I just start writing without knowing where it goes. Others I compose the whole entire blog entry in my head in the middle of the night and upon waking I rush to the computer to document it before I forget what I wanted to tell you guys. Then there are those times that I know I want to communicate with the world but I just don't know what to say so I just say "hey world, this is what we did today"

SO guess what kind of blog-day today is?

Today Harry and I decided to skip being responsible, stop worrying and do what we want to do. So we woke up whenever we wanted, which incidentally turned out to be whenever Django wanted the king size bed, we fed the critters and headed out with our fishing poles! Lately sunny days are few and far between so we were quite eager to enjoy this one to its fullest! Since I am the worm fisherwoman champion of the world, I caught 4 fish with NONE of them being keepers. Harry was not screwing around with the little guys and targeting the big bass... so he didnt get anything this time. What we did get, was slightly harassed by deer flies, alot of sunshine, good conversation, a nice short walk in the wilderness and I got to see a GORGEOUS heron.
It was a great day!!

I did not have my good lens, I actually left it at Swood (sigh) but I got some pictures of my Harry, isn't he the greatest? and the view of the pond we fished.

Also, you know, we are learning about this chicken thing as we go along right? well we have 3 laying hens right now, 2 of them have been laying a bit so their eggs are a bit larger than the 3rd who just started but all are delicious. I had heard about the "fart egg" that happens from time to time. A "fart egg" is a tiny little egg that a hen will lay. What i had never heard of are the oh-my-goodness-it-is-an-ostrich-egg-that-had-to-hurt-make-sure-she-didn't-blow-an-o-ring eggs. Nobody mentions those.
except us, we actually take pictures of them.

Check out our otherwise normal medium-large eggs, next to the above mentioned h-my-goodness-it-is-an-ostrich-egg-that-had-to-hurt-make-sure-she-didn't-blow-an-o-ring egg.

We have to store it in a Tupperware container in the refrigerator because it doesn't fit in the egg carton. IT DOESN'T FIT IN THE EGG CARTON!
I will let you know what i find inside! Maybe 2 yolks, maybe more!

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