Sunday, July 19, 2009

Apparently I am a professional mushroom photographer!

Dave and I have really been trying to focus on getting to know our surroundings. In order to do this, we are taking regular trips into the woods together and we are trying to stay within the confines of our land only. Each week we go to S-wood we are challenging ourselves to come back with 1 item that we would like to identify.

Last week we brought back 2 leaves and a picture of a blob of goop that I had found in the woods that turned out to be beech tree leaves, striped Maple leaves, and brain slime. I was so excited to learn we had a beech tree that this week when we were searching, we went back to the beech tree and found beech nuts!! This week I chose two items, one that turned out to be wild strawberries (yay me) and one turned out to be POSSIBLY a chanterelle Mushrom (any mushroom guru's please speak up) .

We also took some pictures while on our travels (of course)

It all sounds so romantic and glamorous doesn't it? The couple in love trying to better themselves and become more in sync and aware of their surroundings. I could leave it at that. I could totally let you all think we skip and frolic through the woods. Because I am the author of this blog, I get to leave out the part that the ENTIRE time we were in the woods I had about 7 deer flies that were apparently in LOVE with my shampoo and therefore buzzing constantly in my ears. I tried everything including using my baseball cap to swat at them. I was so freaked by the end of the walk I was overheated, sweaty and a little crazy!

Here are the pictures from our walk.

So check it out, we have our very own moose! I want to name him George. This picture was taken in the "ravine" which is not too far from the back of our house. A fresh moose print!

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warren said...

I am no expert on mushrooms but I do eat a powerful lot of chanterelles and that def looks like the ones I eat around here. There may be look-alikes up your way, but I'd say you are on the right track...