Monday, July 13, 2009

Model Spotlight: Pearl

Not long ago Dave and I decided we wanted to get a jump on egg production so we purchased 2 started pullets from MM. They came to us via this story (dude in my life, there is always a story). About a week after they came to live with us, they began to lay their cute tiny little eggs! Well now a month has passed and their eggs are larger. They are actually egg machines these two as they are laying pretty much daily. We were so excited about them and they came to us so healthy and vibrant, we actually got 2 more started pullets from MM who just started to lay yesterday.

One of the started black star sex link pullets from our first batch actually doesnt look like the other 3. I OFTEN wonder if she is an australorp who has lost her way and ended up in the black star pen. They all have black and gold feathers and she is all black and rather opalescent. I really like her, she came into the flock and just immediately started ruling the roost. Within 24 hours she was roosting in the best spot (next to uncle ted) and determining the order that the other chickens can enter the coop at night. Pretty hysterical! In the 6 weeks or so that she has been with us, her comb has grown quite a bit and then kind of flopped over.

(She has a comb over and she is very sensitive about it so try not to stare)

So without further blathering, I will now introduce you to our one and only Pearl (aka Lucy-you-have-alot-of-splaining-to-do)

(doesnt she look like an australorp rather than a black star?)
comb over

Also, since I KNOW you have been dying to see a picture of Pearl's house, like the paparazzi I hid in the bushes and snuck a picture of where she lives:

And here is Ninja chicken and the other black star sex link (who looks nothing like Pearl) named Margie.

And lastly, our best farm helper Django who is very busy in this picture holding down the couch to make sure it does not get away. What a good helper!

That's it for us today. :)

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