Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dude, What Is That?

If you think about it, its actually pretty funny that I do the things that I do. For example, remember back when I started all my seeds for the garden? Well, I was very careful and meticulous in planting them according to the packet, making sure they had the appropriate light for the appropriate amount of time and finally, I was very careful in MARKING all of my seedlings with those funny little plastic pointy things that you can write on. I made rows and rows. I started 3 different kinds of tomatoes you see, and I was so sure this was going to be my year!!

Shortly after planting, maybe 3 weeks or so, my tomatoes started dying out, whole flats just pooping out. We weren't sure why, maybe over watering, maybe not? not sure! In a panic, I planted the last of my seeds. Do you see where this may be going?

Fast forward to planting them on the deck and in the planters, removing the neat little plastic things, trying to remember which ones were which. Wait, I dont think these are grape tomatoes, they died and I think I replaced them with beefsteak... or was it cherry? or... SHIT!

Thats right.

Even today we aren't sure what is growing on the vines. We have identified ONE tomato plant of 10. This sweet little number which is apparently bestowing many fruit upon us.
Even in my glory I still am somewhat of a garden failure this year. Maybe next year I will get it right?

The peas seem to think so :) And although I know what they are, (sugar snap peas), I am unaware of anything else about them. Including when I planted them lol.

There is alot to learn in gardening!! Thankfully at this current time, I am not trying to grow our main food supply because I am afraid my family would STARVE.


Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

:) I had a really good laugh with my husband reading this post. I've definitely been there before. Planted parsley seeds, most of them didn't show up, but something else I can't quite identify did instead. Right. Always fun.

Hope you get some great tomatoes and sugar snap peas out of it all anyway :)

Lisa said...

I have other things in there too but i think I will be able to identify them... like potatoes (although lol now that I think of it, I have no idea if they are russet or what ha ha ha ha) ok i take it back! I am a gardening dork!

Callie said...

Well, your story gives me hope. I will try to plant a garden next year for sure, but I will still plant a few things this year. I hope. And I hope the plants you have growing continue to prosper.

Lisa said...

Hi Callie... Just try your best to remember what it is you planted and WHEN you planted it :)