Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Everything is inging

Everything is good.
The plants are growing
The chickens are laying
the rooster is crowing
Noah is... Noah is... crap... uh.... Noahing??

Ah well I lost it with the puppy but the truth is everything really is status-quo here at SW South. We have been really excited about the progress of all of our plants considering how utterly craptastic last years garden was. This year we are having quite the opposite in fact, we have not had rain in like 5 weeks or some such craziness and today's temperatures will reach 99 degrees and this is to be sustained through Saturday! The plants love it as long as we remember to water them thoroughly. Yesterday I had to make 3 trips out there to water! Plants started to wither a bit.
Its very exciting to me because with the exception of the squash, all of our plants are started by me and some of them date back to February!!

The chickens are hot but all of them are starting to lay now which is very exciting for me as well because we hatched 3 of these hens ourselves!

Our boy Noah is growing strong and happy. This is a picture our friend (and his breeder) Sterling took of him Saturday while he was running around with his sister.  He is now about 14 weeks but truthfully i keep losing track of his age as mine increases :) He is a lover and if I do say so myself he is extremely handsome! What an incredible mixture of curiosity, love, happiness, and energy he is turning out to be.

SO for now, this is all I have but promise to keep you posted and stuff as things continue progressing :)

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DayPhoto said...

He is just darling! What a cute photo, save it for a Christmas card!