Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer FINALLY!!

Summer is here for real! How do I Know this? Well I know it for two reasons because D and I have already started attending farmers markets and we are fishing again! The farmers markets around here are small but I think as more people show interest in local foods they will get bigger. I already can see the difference between last year and this year which is great. We also live in the North East so this means that June farmer’s markets are full of bread, jams, strawberries, strawberries and more strawberries. This is ok of course, I realize things are not quite in season. We should be seeing peas and beans soon enough though and then comes the beautiful tomatoes!

Last week’s trip to the FM yielded us some wonderful jam, homemade fresh spinach delights and some organic dog treats. It also got Noah some new people action. Its important to us to make sure we properly socialize a great dane puppy because of our experience in rescue etc. You do not want an unfriendly 150+ pound dog, trust me. Noah is a delight, he loves everyone and everything. NOTHING scares him and he is genuinely happy all the time. Sadly he is also VERY energetic and I am not lol. He is also a bit of a spaz but that is normal puppy behavior. I love watching him try to make his legs work the way they should lol he is very dorky and clumsy all the time. Dragging him around the FM was priceless and people are always shocked to hear he is not a weim.

Our garden is … eh… well its 80% better than it was last year! That’s for sure! It looks as though we may actually get tomatoes and potatoes this year. We have already harvested our first round of radishes and they were reported to be delish! The slug population is nil because the rain is nil. That has been hard to manage. We aren’t doing so well with the corn though, its only about 6-10” high and its July 1st! I don’t know what is going ot happen with it. I have to also say that my day lilies are also JUST blooming so I think the sunlight and habitat of my yard is prolonging the season. Hopefully the warmth will hold out long enough for them to become something amazing!

The chickens are fantabulous. Ted Junior has moved to his new home (finally!!) and is keeping watch over 10 assorted hens. The family is wonderful and I have no concerns over him at all. Our Mike (Jersey Giant) has started to crow very quietly and low toned. He is a super nice roo, lets hope it stays that way because he is enormous. The hens are great, new kids are already laying their tiny little eggs.

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Jennifer said...

Glad to hear the chickens are doing well. The farmer's markets in this area are very small yet too, I hope they continue to grow!