Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot day!

It is a very hot day at SW south. While my husband is busy working incredibly hard out in the scorching heat, I am busy taking pictures frivolously of all of our accomplishments.  (That is not entirely true, I actually cleaned the heck out of the inside of the house, did laundry and made lunch, but it sounds way more dramatically horrible to think that he was slaving away at the fencing for the new hen enclosure and I was eating bon-bons on the deck right?)

Anyway, I thought I would take some pictures of how the hens were beating the heat. This is Lavinia (formally yellow headed chicken) busy at digging herself a hole.

Here is the unnamed hen sporting her new saddle. She

made it crooked!

Myopic chicken is already well in the hole and AHA! I have been spotted! How Ironic!

here we also have my squash plants mixing with the massive pumpkin plant and watermelon that is taking over the world!

And the camera shy Noah trying his best to hide.

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DayPhoto said...

NOAH is beautiful!!!!!!!

I ordered a hen apron also.