Thursday, July 8, 2010

I wish.

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I am having a heck of a time acquiring a packet of radish seeds. You see, we already planted, grew and harvested our first round and I thought since it happened so quickly we would be able to go ahead and plant another round. I mean its only the second week of July! I could probably do this again twice before the growing season is over and that would make Hubby oh so very happy. I then started to think how cool it would be to grow different species of radish so I ran off to my local store to grab a packet.



Not a single one.

So now I think to myself "ok, fine... I will go somewhere else and grab a packet"... but no! there are none to be found anywhere! The only place I can find them is on Amazon. I love Amazon but I really hate to order
them online and pay shipping plus to me its a wasteful delivery...

I mean its JULY RIGHT? I SHOULD BE ABLE TO FIND RADISHES AT MY LOCAL STORE RIGHT? I guess I am strange to want to plant radishes multiple times throughout the year and going forward I will remember that I need to plan ahead and buy more than one package of radish.

Sorry for the rant.

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DayPhoto said...

I went to Wal Mart and several other stores the other day for something simular and was told they were all out. Bull I cried. Finally they told me that they send everything back to the warehouse the first of July so the school stuff can have room.



Lisa said...

Linda! Thats just crazy. Its JULY, school around here has only been out a week or 2 at best!