Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who Are You People?

I thought I would create a post that would help you get to know us a little bit, see who we are, what we are doing and why. When all the work is through for the day, we usually cut loose with some of our hobbies, a hike with Django in the woods, collecting blackberries for jam, a ride on the ATV, watching the gorgeous sunset, sitting out there in the dark listening to the critters running around on the property, shooting (paper, not animals) or just a general goof off.

Here is Django on "look out" for big mean attack hummingbirds.

Saskwatch hike

Dave killing the attack pumpkin with my 12ga emergency shotgun. He is actually standing in the area that has become our house.

Me and my friend Sterling hiking with our Great Danes (django is the freakishly large one)

We are headed back to S-wood this weekend and hope to get a few things done. We still have yet to dig the posts for the dog fence off the back of the house for our "smaller" dog Frankenstein who has a bad habit of running away, a railing in the loft for those mornings when DJango decides the thunder is too scary and runs up the stairs at light speed, and yes... plumbing.

A little about me: I am 37 year old mom of 2, Tarynn 15 and Andrew 12. I used to be a property manager for condominiums until I burned out, got tired of the city and the demanding schedule and left that to become software support for a property management software company. In my vast free time, I am the vice president of a great dane rescue based in Maine and New Hampshire ( ). Django and I also do Meet and greets and recently we were given a high honor of making a wish come true for a nursing home patient in MA who wished to the Twilight Wish Foundation that he could spend time with danes. Dave works for a large communications type company from our house while he takes care of our boys Frank(enstein) and Django ages 2 and 4 Great Dane doggies. Dave also volunteers occasionally at Liberty House which is transitional housing for homeless vets as well as support me with the Rescue work. He and I have been married for almost 2 years and we are both previously divorced. I am so lucky to have him in my life. There is nobody else on this planet that I could possibly work this closely and this hard with. Its good honest work and we both enjoy it, even splitting wood! We hope to someday, maybe, move to S-wood on a more permanent basis, so when we do things there, we are constantly thinking along those lines so we wont have to do it twice. We are both VERY environmentally aware and have made a ton of changes in our daily life such as hanging our laundry, using cloth bags for shopping, having a no-napkin rule (we use cloth), using friendly cleaners, detergents etc, CFL's, composting and now we want to take what we have learned and put it into our off-grid green as possible, recycled cabin. We hope to also have animals, grow our own food and live a sustainable lifestyle, but these things take time. My kids think we are nuts, because we are so aware of "enviro crimes" and I think they are rather tired of it but we hope that they will continue to live this way or better in their future lives.

Anyway, thats us.
Thank you for joining us on our ride thus far, i hope that you stick around to see where we end up. Its going to be very exciting :)

Django helping daddy measure for railings to keep him safe.

Our puppy (Great Dane)Frankenstein and my 15 year old daughter on the deck relaxing.

Tarynn being silly


The Scavenger said...

Looks like you guys have a pretty good life and most important of all a good plan. I look forward to reading more about you progress. I'm gonna link you so I can keep up with what's going on there.


P said...

What a terrific post. It's nice to take a minute to get to know the folks behind the posts :)

You guys are doing something really amazing. I look forward to watching Schmoopywood develop.


Lisa said...

Yes we have a happy life and that is what matters. What we want to have is a more self sustainable existence and we are taking it step by step. :) I have also linked you. So you can teach me about jam :)

Lisa said...

THank you. I realized that i had been posting for months and hadn't introduced us to the world! I really enjoy your blog, you and your husband are doing what we wish we could do. Maybe some day we will be able to as well. I doubt s-wood will be the place though, its on the side of a mountain, not alot of grazing area.


April said...

nice!! i'll put you on my blogroll.