Thursday, July 10, 2008

Potty Wood

We really have been focused in the last year on making things more comfortable at shmoopywood cabin. Trust me, we have come a LONG way from the air mattress in a 10 x 20 uninsulated hunting cabin with 2 great danes and a wood stove at -6 temperatures. I wasnt even going to mention the thawing out of the pottywood with a portable coleman hand warmer heater and luke warm water ;). We still have a ways to go though because we are still using the pottywood facilities as we have yet to plumb the "big house".

Here is our current facilities in the form of potty wood, which i mentioned before is just a toilet in a shed on top of our already in place septic system. We use the facilities, and we fill the tank of the toilet with water that we have hauled from the stream and stored in an empty trash barrel. It functions like a real live toilet and is comfortable unless you are dealing with bees, spiders, mice, frozen toilet or opposite: the sun beating down on the outhouse and heating it up to about a buck fifty.


The Scavenger said...

I love the outhouse, my great grandmother had one that we had to use when I was a very little boy. I remember my mother standing outside the door while I was in there. Really good memories.


Lisa said...

Did you ever use it when it was 6 below because that is the only time where I would rather go in the woods and get my business done! Otherwise, I admit, its neat to have the outhouse but I am also ready to have indoor plumbing.

We are working on a rain catch system so that we can harvest our own water as well as some other preparedness plans.

Shellmo said...

I think the potty wood is charming! (But admit - I do like to use the toilet alone without the interference of spiders, etc.)