Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Post by Dave

Well. I got hubbster to put together some solar information about what we are looking for, what we have discovered etc. Here goes:

The solar wish list and moving to the Big Leagues:
Up until this point, we have made do with candles, the occasional oil lamp, propane lamps (common to camping) and a small scale battery/inverter combo. The Battery combo that we had been using (seen under the table on the left) for a single CFL or a very small table fan has served us quite well and had reduced our need for the propane/oil lamps. We have two 12V deep cycles that we purchased (with trade in of old cores) at Tractor Supply. Each is 105 amp hours, tied to a small 150W DC to AC inverter. This allows either a CFL to be run or tiny tabletop fan that we have used at night. System is to be charged off two 15W PV panels and a 7amp charge controller which we got from Northern Tool. Pictures to come shortly. This was a great way to reduce the need for other light sources as well as start the sometimes daunting task of learning about everything solar.
Depending on how things go in the next week, this is the gear that we hope to purchase.

Heart of the system will be a Xantrex XW6048 which is a 6000 Watt DC to AC inverter that will tie everything together. Next up is the Battery bank. So far the plan is 4 concord 12V 255amp hour AGM's, to be wired together producing a bank of 1020 amp hours and 48 volts.
The inverter will be tied into our generator as well as a PV array, at this time 4 x 200W panels should do it.

More detailed info and pics to come!


The Scavenger said...

I am green with envy over your solar-generator system. I hope to get one going soon myself. I love the cabin and all the old furniture. I worked in the furniture business for 15 years and I still love the old stuff. Our house is full of yard sale and flea market finds.


Lisa said...

Hi Chris,
We are really proud of what we have been able to find here. I will let Dave know love his solar stuff, to me, its not English ;)