Friday, July 18, 2008

Dave's Solar Posty :)

Here is the small scale solar test setup. These are each 15W panels that run to a 7amp charge controller and take care of our VERY small lighting needs at this time. We alternate between two 105amp hour 12V deep cycles. Each has a small inverter attached (one is 175W and the other 350W). In the last year, these have worked out very well for us and can easily run either a CFL or small fan during our weekend trips. If I recall correctly the panels were about 79 bucks when we got them last year and they were to be used as our small scale test however they have the power to keep two small batteries charged.

Using aluminum stock that was laying around in the garage, I fabricated a perimeter frame to hold two panels. Its upside down in this picture but there is a pin through joint that I made so that the angle can be changed as the seasons change. The aluminum is light and weather resistant as well as being very easy to work with on the drill press. I don't work with metal very often but some jobs do require it...this was one of those jobs I just couldn't get away with making out of wood ;-)

Here you can see their temporary location. Not exactly sure how efficient a solar panel will be with a Great Dane blocking the sun ;-) Future pictures will likely include these on a fence pole mount.
Can't wait to go from a 30W array with two small panels to a 800-1000 array and 1000 amp hour battery bank ;-) however this system seems ideal if you have a remote shed or outbuilding, bobhouse and can afford a few days of charging in the sun. Our average usage on the weekends is maybe 20 amp hours on these, which gets replaced during the week.


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