Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A tour of S-wood!

We haven't done this in a while.. then again, we haven't done anything new up there in a while either. But I promised Linda from HERE that I would post a walk about for her. Since we didnt go anywhere except to retrieve our eaten trail camera, I thought I would stick close to the house and show you as much as I can.

I want to explain however, our Shmoopywood is VERY wooded. Like it gets dark 2 hours earlier on our lot than anywhere else kind of wooded ;) The lot was logged many years ago but they logged for pine so its all hardwood. In fact, we have the biggest birch tree D and I have ever seen!

So without further babbling from me, here is our happy place:

So here I am standing about 3/4 of the way up the driveway looking down towards the road. You can see that it is so steep at one point the driveway disappears! I Love it but it makes it VERY difficult to get up the driveway with 2 inches of snow on it, and it stinks to carry stuff up.

I have not moved but I have turned around towards the house so you can see how high up it is still. The Outbuilding on the right is the previous S-wood. It will someday be a coop or a goat house, I think. You can see the party van in the front, this is the best way for us to get 2 kids, 2 danes, 2 adults and all our crap to the cabin.

Now I am standing to the right of the "goat house" in front of what used to be grass but now it is a huge bungle (its a word) of raspberry and blackberry bushes. Our entire lot is LOADED with blackberries. I cannot wait to harvest and make them into preserves and jelly!

Here is the raspberries as proof


Now we are stepping inside of the basement of shmoopywood (dont mind the mess) THis is also known as man-town. We unloaded the Party van into it earlier this day so its still in a bit of disarray.

We are headed up the stairs to the main living area. On the right you can see some of our food stores, on the left we have saw ;) (remember our woodworking with Harry sessions?)

Now we have ascended the stairs and taken a slight right, and this is the living room of S-wood (no walls and all!)

I have taken a slight left and this is the dining area as well as the 2nd bedroom (with a tiny little great dane... who knew he could get that small) THe dane is penned because the other dane was out. They are separated at all times due to aggression (another post).

A little more to the right (you can still see the hutch) is our only walled room thus far. The royal bathroom!!

when you came up those stairs from Man town, you would be facing our kitchen.

this is Girl Town - or my screened porch!


Coming out of screened porch and taking a left will lead you to the stream where we used to get ALL of our water supply for the potty and for washing.

The somewhat less beaten path to the stream. Now that we have water storage in the basement we have to make less frequent trips to the stream!

Standing at the stream looking back at shmoopywood.

And lastly... halfway across the path to the stream stands the biggest Birch tree we have ever seen.....

There are about 7 unseen acres here, but when I tell you its wooded, I mean machete and compass wooded ;)

ANd that concludes the tour :) Hope you enjoyed it!

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Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Hmmm, looks like home to me. Our house will be finished someday - like when the next owners decide to do it. Actually, I'm going for the unfinished look and so far it's the only decorating scheme I've totally pulled off!

RWP71 said...

Lisa...this place is great.