Sunday, August 9, 2009

"smile" - Alan Funt

Remember a few weeks ago here when I explained that we had purchased a trail camera and were putting it in different places throughout S-Wood boundaries to see where the deer were? Well the last time we were up there (weeks ago) we placed the camera on a sturdy but half gone tree facing a small clearing. We chose this placement because we had seen moose prints crossing over this area.

We set out yesterday to swap memory cards in the camera so we could come back and view the card and then set out to possibly retrieve the camera. If when we got back to the cabin there were deer on the camera we were going to just leave it out there. Instead when we finally arrived at the proposed camera location, carefully coming up behind it as to not get caught on camera ourselves, it was suddenly discovered (with a few cuss words I might add) in true Dave and Lisa form, that the tree the camera had been secured to, crashed down onto the forest floor .The camera was NOT face down but sideways and full of water. So we brought the whole thing back.

I have been viewing the trail came at the cabin by plugging the card into my Nuvi (garmin) so teh screen is about 3" x 3". There were about 1500 pictures taken in the 3 weeks and we were unaware at what point the camera broke. Lo and Behold there was something on the camera in the first day the camera was set up but it was indistinguishable on the Nuvi screen.

I got it home and we looked at it (for a really long time) and then I altered it a little by playing with the brightness and huzzah we both turn our heads to the left and we think we see something... We aren't sure what... then it comes to us. Not only did we get something on the camera but the something we got... was killing the camera!

LOL!! we didnt get very many pictures on our game camera because a bear ate it!! BAD BEAR!!! The other 1497 pictures were blurred out, full of water, sideways and oddly enough... pink.

sigh... that was a large amount of money down the bear. I think we will call him Lloyd.

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Sandy@American Way Farm said...

ROFL - that's so funny! He was probably intrigued by your scent on the cam, maybe you even had food smell on your hands. Nothing gets past those pesky bears!

warren said...

HA! Lloyd...too funny!