Sunday, August 2, 2009

Proof of Life

The sun has actually come out the last few days here at shmoopywood south. Not today mind you, but the 5 previous days it was mostly sunny with just enough rain to keep my bike in the garage! This has enabled things to bloom here. In fact, I actually saw a bumble bee yesterday helping me pollinate the cucumbers.

I am usually full of jokes, but today I want to talk about what is bothering me. You see, I am fearful because I have not yet seen some pretty important species... Starting with, honeybees... do you realize I have yet to see a honeybee this year???? Not A SINGLE ONE. To make it even scarier, I can count on ONE HAND how many bats I have seen here. There is a bat decline here in New England and to be honest with you these things are really starting to scare me. You can read about our bat population here . Anyway, I am hoping the weather changing for the better is going to help bring things along. I know that we are very behind with our garden due to the weather but it seems pretty universal across the board. What kinds of shortages are you all seeing? Have you seen ladybugs? Honeybees? bats? Tell me!

Harry(Dave) has been working on a post and we hope to have that up here in the next day or 2 so look for that.

The critters here at S-wood South are all thriving as well. Here are some pictures in case you were worried about them!

Thats Marge and Pearl! (you remember pearl right? )

This is Marge and Myopic Chicken

There is Uncle Ted (Nugent) he is the master of the universe.
So although this is not much for content, it is a show of faith that we are here. Reading you and coming up with more fun things to tell you!

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