Friday, August 7, 2009


(old picture of my buff rock)
I promised myself I would be patient. I did all my research so I knew it could be a while. Yet here I sit in anticipation of what you wonder?

Of eggs my friends.

I have 10 hens and 1 Rooster. Of those 10 hens, 4 of them are about 25-30 weeks old and laying DAILY since they were 18 weeks old (got to love those black star hens). There are 6 hens however, the ones that I have raised since they were tiny little peeps and loved with all my heart... Those 6 hens (2 Buff rocks, 2 gold sex links, and 2 New Hampshire's) who are now officially 21 weeks old have not given me DIDDLY SQUAT!

Now our combs and wattles have gone from flesh colored to bright fire-engine red and still. No eggs.
I wake up in the morning and hurry out to the coop to let them out and usually give them a treat... No eggs.
Harry goes out there to get the 4 eggs we usually get before 10am... only 4, no more eggs.
I rush home from work, no eggs.
WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? I want your eggs, your delicious 30% lower in cholesterol beautiful eggs.

sigh... so please my little lovelies... give me the eggs.... please.

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Chris said...

Could they be laying somewhere outside the coop? I always leave at least one egg in a nest in the coop to make sure that the -- ahem -- dimmer chickens know that is where they're supposed to lay. On the other hand, I read that chickens start laying anywhere from 18 to 24 weeks. Maybe they're just late bloomers.

Lisa said...

they have a pen, albeit large, not so much that i couldnt find an egg... the plot thickens though... i just heard from the lady who has the other half of my chickens (we shared an order) and they have already started laying!!!!! I have ungrateful chickens.