Monday, June 16, 2008

Time flies <-- get it?

Well its the big birthday extravaganza this weekend. This is not a real thing, BUT we are going to the cabin on friday morning to start the screen porch transformation. We will be back on sunday evening and hopefully I will have many pictures to share. Its an exciting weekend because not only will we be up there but so will our other off-grid neighbors on each side (its like an off-grid love fest) one of which we hope to have over for some food.

THursday we hope to go "finding" some more recycled products at salvage yards. Its green because we are not buying new items that use energy to create PLUS we get to have neat furniture and building products that have a story. As you can see from one of our pictures, all of our bathroom furniture is salvaged. We found the neat vanity and intend on plumbing it into the house in order to create a functioning sink! Its very exciting to me to go 'finding'. You can do this too by going to a salvage yard, flea markets, the dump, and even craigslist! If you get something that someone else no longer wants, you save it from going into a landfill and therefore you are doing your small part in keeping our planet safe!

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Shellmo said...

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

P said...

What a terrific idea! I love your blog!

Looking forward to watching Shmoopywood develop. Your resourcefulness is inspiring!