Saturday, June 14, 2008

Successful Friday Trip!

Well, Dave got everything accomplished yesterday that he planned (i think anyway) and was even able to bring about 50 gallons of water up to the cabin. He built a "platform" for the storage tank and even plumbed it a little so that we can get the water out. We bring water from home because the stream dries up in July/August and it makes it dif
ficult to haul water. Bringing water from home in containers is not an option because one never really can gauge how much water is needed... and this is why:

Earlier I mentioned that the house had a well dug and a septic system. Back in the beginning we found it a necessity to use the "facilities" so dave built a small outhouse on top of the septic system and put a real toilet in! All we have to do is haul the water and fill the tank and we have a flushing toilet. The plan is, to move that lovely torture chamber into the house, ok well not the whole thing, just the toilet part.

When we built the house, and poured the foundation we also had them connect to the septic tank, now all we need is plumbing!
You would think that we would prioritize the potty over the screened in porch, but if you were thinking that way, you probably never spent a 90+ degree day with no air conditioning or fans unable to open the door because of the afore mentioned deranged black flies! ;)

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Shellmo said...

I so admire your plans! I look forward to tracking your progress!