Thursday, June 26, 2008

What we have gotten so far

I can't believe this week has already passed and we are preparing to head back up to the cabin already! This weekend is the first weekend of the season that the whole family is going (kids this time!). The season started so late due to massive snow fall and we had so much to do most of our time up there has been on weekends where the kids are with their dad. I am excited for the extra help but skeptical. Something about getting a 12 year old and a 15 year old to help build a house is difficult. ;)

Our plan is to complete the screened porch, Dave has been hard at work preparing the frames for the screens after work each night and I am to install them. We also hope (maybe) to start the plumbing process but it really depends upon how everything else goes. Dave drove to Milford yesterday to meet a guy about a couple doors. He had these old salvaged doors and screen doors that he was "trying to get rid of". We scored 2 screen doors for $30! One of them will be for the other half of the screened porch, the part that will eventually lead into the dog's fence and the other is hopefully going to fit the front door. The whole thing really works for me, its not that we cannot afford to buy a screen door, I mean they are relatively inexpensive. The point is, we have set ourselves this goal to use as many salvaged materials as possible and we are pretty adamant about it. You would think that it would be crap and have to be redone completely and in some cases that is true, which I am totally willing to do. There is a guy there who runs a "dump shop" where he sells these items that we have below at an extremely reduced price. Most of the items we have gotten though are in practically PERFECT condition. We have also unintentionally began decorating the house with early 1900's furniture.

Last weekend I took a little time off on a union break to get some photographs of the furniture that we have salvaged read: rescued from landfills. I thought it might be interesting to show you what we got, what it is intended for and where we got it.

This Chair was recovered at the dump store. It was rickety and missing a support, which we replaced and intend on staining. We also re-upholstered the seat with a scrap yard of cloth from walmart and some cotton batting that was left over from my great dane bed making experiment.

This is the vanity that the chair goes with. We found this at the D-store as well and intend on plumbing it and making it our bathroom vanity complete with (someday) running water. This vanity was also a dstore find!

The chicken cabinet (right) is just fun, all wood, and another d-store find!

The large polka-dotted wooden box (left) was an ebay purchase by me wayyyy before the house was a glimmer in our eyes. We had thoughts of off-grid living and this box is actually an ice-box that someone tried to redo themselves. We grabbed it from them for a very low cost and I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with it.

This chair is actually part of a pair. We love these chairs and the original intention was to make new cushions for them but after some time, we grew fond of the pattern and felt it really fit with our other 1900's stuff. The pair was recovered from the d-store.

Ahhh the hutch (left). Gosh I love this hutch... its gorgeous. It is also a D-store FIND!! I know... crazy... it even has felt lined drawers (perfect condition).

And below, you have an armoire that we are going to use as a linen closet in our fancy bathroom ;) I got this off of craigslist for $50! It is early 1900's and very sturdy. Again, perfect condition complete with the original leaded glass.

There are more items of course, a craigslist chest of drawers that I just love that we scored for $25. It is also 1900's period and a cedar hope chest dave got at the d-store that is in the bedroom housing our blankets but these ones are my favorites.

We will be back on Sunday and hopefully I will have alot of updates and pictures. Perhaps we will even get some stuff done!


Shellmo said...

You have great taste - I like all the items you chose - there's something about those older chairs - so much style and character!

L Dew said...

agreed, they are ornate and well made!