Thursday, May 13, 2010

The one where she plugs a product.

So i totally have to say this. I recently became a bzzagent. I figured I would give it a try and give HONEST reviews of the products as I see it. The first product they gave me to review is Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-clean Power Sprayer. Now first let me say this... I dont know if I would have purchased this in the store myself. Its about $9 (i have coupons so ask me if you want one for $5 off) so without the coupon I probably would not have purchased it. I got it and thought I would really put it to the test.

Last summer we had an incident with the water softener. Incident as in, it died. I guess thats an incident... but the tragedy of the whole thing was we didn't notice for a bit. you know... "harry why is the inside of the toilet orange". Yeah so the whole house turned orange from rust stains... Most of that is gone now but there is a downstairs shower that has one of those "inserts" you know what I mean? We have one of the one-piece showers down there. It absorbed all the rust color and has not come off.

Harry and I were like "aha!" we will put this scrubby bubbly stuff to the test with the shower!

The cool part about the product is that its battery operated. Yeah i know that sounds really dumb but it sure saved my hand when I saturated the shower with this stuff. Then wiped... and... what??? it WORKED!!
Now the label says it works for up to 4 days so I am really interested to see how this whole thing will turn out but if I had to say right now, I would totally give it 10 fingers up! I likey!

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