Sunday, May 16, 2010

Its Spring at last! I have moved my started plants outside for the hardening off and will plop them into the ground this week! We planted beans, peas and corn last weekend and will plant the rest this week! I also successfully pickled eggs! I KNOW! What an amazing thing that is! I did such a great job with them that I felt brave enough to do it again!

Yesterday we spent the day with 8- 7 week old great dane puppies. They were like little sharks! SO cute and so much fun. We think we have finally decided on which one will be coming home with us! He will be home in about 7-14 days depending on when he gets to the vet for the first time! Other than that, everyone here is fine. I think the chickens are getting along (finally) and the little chickens are in with teh big ones. I have to admit though... the Jersey Giant Roo we got at 8 weeks old may be a hen. Not 100% sure. Oddly enough, normal people would be happy about that, but not me, I have no rooster! Time will tell I suppose. He/she hasnt tried to crow or anything and he is about 12 weeks old.

So thats it for me! I will leave you with a puppy picture!

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DayPhoto said...

Oh, those darling little puppies! Have you picked out the one that is going to be yours yet?