Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What? I Can’t Hear You, There’s A Banana In My Ear!

Today we were still in Driggs Idaho. I don't know if you are familiar with the area. Let me just put it out there if you are not, there’s nothing here but scenery. Really this is why we came though, to see the things we would not normally see, the rolling fields, the grand Tetons and the farms. It is beautiful country here. I think one night would have sufficed though and for that, well I will be sorry. We really should have made our way closer to Estes Park instead of being here because now we have 200 miles to cover tomorrow and 270 the day after. I was afraid if we spent all our time driving, we would not SEE and well we ended up driving today anyway.

Driving to go see Yellowstone Bear World. This is a zoo and really goes against most everything I believe in but after talking to the people there, they tell me the bears were once rehab bears that could not go back to the wild and they just bred them to make more bears and well here we are, with bears. There are also other random animals, elk for example, and a pair of bison. I guess they are hoping to breed the bison too? slightly off topic but has anyone ever seen a baby bison?

Anyway, so here we are.

Last night as I laid in my bed, a bug literally crawled into my ear. Yeah that’s right, a bug. I joke about bed bugs but now I wonder… so we stripped the mattresses and no sign of bugs in the bed. I also have the piece of mind (ha get it?) knowing that I could hear it buzzing, quite well actually, so i think it was a gnat or some bitey little beast. It went on for about 30 seconds of pure hell, maybe a minute and then I put water in my ear and it stopped. I put water in my ear a few times and now I feel like I have a water full of ear. I am not sure if my ear feels weird because I have put water in it several times, because I stuck a q-tip in it last night or because now I have a psychosis about there being a bug in my ear.

Tomorrow’s long trip prevents me from staying up late and worrying about it. I couldn't do anything about it at this point anyway.

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