Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pointlest blog ramblings

It is so funny to me when I listen around my office to what is going on in people's lives. I hear things about Apple iPad's and Droid phones, which one do I get the Nook or the Kindle? There is a sale at Gap...
In my head, I think wow that would be so simple to live like that. I would love to care about the Apple iPad 2 or the new Nook that I got. Instead, all I can think about are gas prices and when my chicken order will arrive or if my started seeds are germinating.

I think Harry and I are totally on the same page, we are really gearing up for some Shmoopywood time this summer. I think the puppy will LOVE being up at the cabin because we all know that *I* do! We have some things to do up there to make the place perfect. You know, like walls and running water.

I try to get my kids to understand. To pay attention to the world around them. To care for other people and to be good hard workers. I feel like that is not happening lol. I often wonder if my kids care only about themselves? I have one child who will sit and watch the news, and I think he probably knows more about the world than I do at times. That is fantastic, but when it comes to helping out, when it comes to making sure that Mom and Steppy don't have to do all the work to provide for the family, well he just always seems to be missing. The other child is constantly grouchy. Anything you say to her she just snaps back at you and OMG dont tell her that because if you do... it could be a long time before she will talk to you again. It is just at their age, they should be more aware of their surroundings, the government, money... things are way worse in their time than it was in mine! I just can't seem to get them to do that, they care more about the iPad2 and trips to Boston...

What about you guys? What have you done to prepare your family for what is going on in the world?


Heather said...

Hi Lisa,

It sounds like you are taking very big steps for the benefit of your family. I'm very watchful over situations and you are right, many people are dillusional!

We are in L.A., so our options are limited. I'm wanting to get some chickens, a goat, start a garden and get solar panels. It would be a start. It's in the plans.

I wrote a post about the seriousness of changing circumstances called "Our Dependence & Our Dependents".

Nice blog!

lisa said...

Hi Heather, thanks for the compliment. I will head over to check out your blog!

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a long and thoughtful post, but Blogger ate it. In fewer words: We do our best to share our values, now we can only hope for the best and be content that we have given our best effort.

Lisa said...

*kicks blogger*
Sorry your post got eaten.

I appreciate the sharing of values. I wish I could say that my children are on the same page as we are but I guess that is yet to be seen.