Friday, March 18, 2011

Crane's R Us?

How does one acquire a crane?

Let me back up.

Before we built the house on our lot, there was a hunters cabin already placed there. It’s a cute little 10 x 20 un-insulated cabin with a small wood stove up on cinder blocks. We literally spent a year of weekends in that cabin with our dog, and eventually 2 dogs. When it was a “kid weekend” they kids would pitch a tent down on the field. I love that little house yet when the big house was officially ROOF ON we eagerly moved all of our crap into it and never looked back. For a time, the children slept in the little house still while we were in the big house. This worked out fine until the spring came and tilted the little house on its axis in the form of EROSION. Then they moved to the big house on their weekends.

Having served its purpose for the time being, it has become spider and mouse ridden. It also is in the wrong spot. Harry and I would like to move it to a different location on the lot (really only about 40 feet away) and turn it into a future chicken/goat barn. I think we are actually considering doing it this summer in fact which makes me very excited to get back to the swood planning! We are stuck though… how does one move a little house?
Do we move it like the ancient Egyptians?
Do we take it apart and move it 40 feet and rebuild it?

Stay tuned for the next installment of moving a small house…


Chris Murch said...

Maybe rollers? I remember my father moving a shed about the same size with a utility trailer. Just jack it up and roll the trailer under. It would probably work well with a snowmobile trailer too.

DayPhoto said...

I am excited to see how you finally do it. Take lots of photos!