Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So sorry!!

Fall is normally my favorite time of the year. I love the weather and the colors that we get in New England.  The weather is perfect for all of those out door activities like walks, hikes, bike riding. Its a great time to fish and have deck parties... It is so sad really. I have spent much of my free head space time these last weeks planning next year's garden!! Trying to assess what I can do differently and what I should repeat. Plan locations of next year's crops and plan which crops to skip. I have been silently wishing this was June and not September. I feel as though I am betraying my beloved fall!!

To cheer fall up, I got a new toy that will help me enjoy the weather!! All it needs is a basket on the front and a big flag on the back and it will be totally ME!!

So Fall, I am very sorry for betraying you as you approach. I still love your colors and pumpkins, I love your blowing leaves and crisp mornings. I love your holidays and I love your beef stew days. I just have had such a great run with Summer it has been hard to say goodbye.

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warren said...

I think beef stew days are the only thing I am ready for...I am already missing summer nights. It's getting cool around here!

Anyhow, cool bike! Wear a helmet!