Friday, March 5, 2010

Super Mega Attack Frankenchickens!

I am very excited. This weekend we will be starting our seeds for the super mega s-wood south garden! Dave is going to put together some grow lights and we are going to be getting them all going! Also notable improvement for the weekend will be that we are going to create (when I say “we” I really mean “he”) a growing pen inside the chicken coop and move the baby chickens out there.

Speaking of the hateful little beasties, I mean chickens, it appears that out of the 6 I kept, 3 of them are hens. Now I am not chicken expert and I can’t possibly really know until they start choking out their first crows, but there are 3 distinctly different chickens in that pen. Larger combs, redder combs, their eyes are even bigger. Oh and they are mean. That’s not different then the other 3. I don’t know what is going on with these chickens but they are NOT nice. No matter how much we handle them, feed them, coo at them. They peck you and run away! I don’t understand it at all. The babies I got from the hatchery last year were so sweet as pie at this stage… They hate me! I keep wondering if in breeding them I created some sort of Frankenstein chicken or something that is going to turn on me and try to murder our family while we sleep!

I will be sure to update you and post pictures of our indoor gardening this weekend. You guys have no idea HOW excited I am for the spring to finally get here. I know it will take longer on the mountain so we will probably not have access to shmoopywood until may, but there is so much we want to do up there this year to make it more comfortable!

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DayPhoto said...

Boy do I understand that feeling! Spring is coming here and I hope it reaches you soon!


Robin said...

Oh dear, Frankenchickens... I know that I shouldn't laugh but it make me smile.

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