Friday, February 5, 2010

Counting Your chickens as they hatch

Interestingly enough, today is hatch day and I am proud to announce that eggs actually hatched! Imagine my surprise when something that I have attempted actually worked!

We set 12 *cough* 14 *cough* eggs in the evening of 1/15/2010 which put us all the way on 2/5/2010 for a hatch date. Yesterday we were excited to see that by bed time, 5 eggs had pipped. Pipped means they are starting to crack the egg a bit to come out.

I kind of knew that when I got up in the morning, I would have 1 baby.

I did not realize that when I woke up, I would get to see the 4th chick zip out of his/her shell! It was fantastic and so cool. I even got one picture but before I get you there, I want to state that these eggs are mutt eggs from our boy Ted + NH's, Buff rocks and black stars. So they are going to be shmoopywood barnyard mix mutt chickies. One of them even has a yellow head and a black body hee hee.

Wish us luck as we have 4 born, 2 pipped and 8 more eggs to go!


DayPhoto said...

Oh How Fun!!!! This is really exciting.

Thanks for posting!


Shmoopywood said...

Hi Linda,

It appears that we now have 6 chicks and 4 more pipping!

Shell said...


I've had almost 100% hatch rates from my Hovabator. :) Good luck with the remaining chicks!

Anonymous said...
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