Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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We have 2 chickens that have been laying only a few weeks so their eggs I am told, are to be small and as they get older and more "eggsperienced" (sorry) they will start laying larger eggs.

Every so often though.. we get an egg that will "tip" the scale...


here we have a store bought egg. No surprise here, the egg is eggstra large (sorry again really)

Now lets move to our "normal" egg.


As you can see, its edible, its usable, but it is rather small... puny if you will.

Well yesterday, Marge , who by the way is our smallest chicken, laid this:


I was Eggstatic and of course I had to share :)

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Jamie Allen said...

Hey Lisa, where did you buy your egg scale? I found some online, but they are asking $30 for them... I am too cheap to pay that much.