Saturday, May 23, 2009

Whats up? Chicken Butt?

Its a long weekend and we did not go to the cabin :( poor swood... we will be there soon S-wood but right now we had some things at home we needed to get off our plate... such as... *insert cool music*

Yes folks, it is almost done, the outdoor pen is just about completed... Thought we would share the progress with you! I will be interested to see if the girls know enough to go into their coop when it gets dark, we are about 45 minutes away from that moment. I may find myself running around trying to shoo the chickens up the tube. Who knows but if I do, it will be pretty funny regardless.

Thats the new chicken tube. Came right out of Dave's head. I am really pleased with how it came out. We were not even done and the chickens started walking in the tube.

Whats up

Chicken butt


Ginger said...

Very nice! That's the chickens' taj majal!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

My hens are jealous!! It looks great.

DayPhoto said...

Chickens are just the best friends!

I love your coop!


Lianna said...

god damn - nice crib! love the hardwood staircase. *jealous*

Lisa said...

Ginger - Thank you!!

Kentucky- No need to be jealous ;) They dont even know what they have *sigh* I have ungrateful chickens!

Dayphoto - I agree, they are super fun to just watch!

Lianna - *snort* yes hardwood... hand done too ;)

P said...

Very cool chicken tube!