Thursday, May 21, 2009

The answer is DUH!

They're here! SO to answer the "really? more chickens?" question that shook the planet... the answer is DUH! Believe me, if it were not for space constraints I would have all kinds of chickens. That's really not the point of this small update, the point is that I have new girls. They got here yesterday and in true Lisa fashion, they were a surprise.

Also in true Lisa fashion, there's a story:

So, I ordered them to be delivered the week of 5/25. This means that they usually ship on the Sunday of that week and you receive within 2 days. In my vast experience (once) of receiving the baby chickens, you get them on time. I ordered these chickens months ago, maybe right after I got the others. They were to be older and closer to laying age (started pullets is apparently the appropriate lingo for these types of birds) I call them big birds. About 2 weeks ago, i got a phone message that stated that the hens will be delivered the week of May 21. I was like "what? that's a Thursday, they ship on Sunday's i don't understand" but nevertheless we began to prepare in that we thought they may come this week but if they did not come by Tuesday, we just KNEW they were coming next week.

Tuesday came and went, we were both on alert all day but alas, no chickens.

Written off. See you next week chickens... right?


Got a call yesterday about 10:30 "your chickens are here" my first thought was "where are they trying to go?" then I realized she didnt mean my current chickens... she meant my NEW chickens... So off Dave went like a good doobie to get our new girls.

So after all that yapping, here they are:

This is Pearl

And we dont have a name for this girl yet.


Gail said...

Autumn, she has the colors of Autumn. Congrats on the new girls, they are beauties. I can't wait to have chickens again.

j00d said...

hey lisa!! i thought i'd answer your questions here, to make sure you'd get them.

i feel about 95% right now. my energy is 100% but i was having some issues with my new tummy being very sensitive as i start introducing normal foods. it was painful. but i was advised to go back on soft foods for a couple days to let things settle down, and it's really worked.. so i'm starting to feel normal again. the surgery i have is called a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. they remove 85% of your stomach. permanently. so there is nothing to take out once i reach goal. this is my new anatomy for life :)

my tummy is super tight and restrictive right now, and will remain restrictive for life, but things WILL losen up some after about 12-18 months (which is how long it takes most people to get to goal) so there will be more "room" in the future and that is how you stop losing after goal :)