Monday, January 24, 2011

Update of sorts

Last night the kids drove home from their dad's house. It is kind of nice to have them driving themselves nowadays rather than the bi monthly trips 80 miles round trip. The dogs were going ape but the kids had not pulled into the driveway. Couldnt figure it out... then the son comes in... "uh mom..."

**Lets stop right there for a second. Anyone who has teenage boys knows that if your son tries to directly communicate with you, its not going to be good. So imagine my blood pressure raising quite a bit at that point.**

Apparently the daughter couldn't get up our driveway so she tried to go up the street, turn around and then race down the street (downhill) and take a 90 degree right hand turn on ice. Physics is not her strength. So now we have half a Chevy Malibu (dubbed the Chevy Malamute) in the driveway and a tweaked out light post.


You know its going to be a great week when it starts off with your daughter playing chicken with a lamp post. No worries, the daughter and the son are ok.

The lamp post however is in critical condition.

Luckily the whole thing happened in my driveway and not god forbid on the highway or with another car. 

Also, did I mention the temps? This was after sunrise already... can you believe that?


The peep, ladies, chickens, flock... no worries, they have a "sun lamp" and a heater for these few days only. 

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