Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chicken Coopywood

We have been working very diligently on our coop as well as our garden. You can see in this blown up version of the “to date” progress picture that the pen is beginning to take form. My (over)engineer is going to make sure that this puppy is strong and stays in place. Which is of course, how we really want things. The deck of the coop itself will be removed and replaced. The chicken door is going to be where the window on the left side is currently and there will be a chicken “platform” with a ladder that goes down into the pen. I am very excited about all of this. The chickens happily peck away at their litter currently but are confined to the coop only. Soon they will be able to forage for bugs and plants at their leisure all day long. The pen will be a covered pen because (quite unfortunately) we have a hawk that lives in our woods and frequently circles over our house. We do have tree cover but its too scary to consider having to deal with multiple chicken deaths due to hawk hunger ;)

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