Saturday, February 28, 2009

Phase II - The Great Bread Experiment


I know that this blog is primarily about building S-wood and the steps we are taking to make it off-grid and green. Part of us becoming more self-sustained is the raising of chickens and learning to do things that we would not normally do. Dave and I are very eager and excited to get back to building at S-wood but the word is the snow is 6 feet deep on the driveway. Despite the 50 degree weather yesterday, it will take a while before we can get up there and begin again. In the mean time, we need to keep ourselves busy. i have been learning to jog, and Dave... well he is cooking (which makes my jogging more necessary).

I think baking bread is one of the hardest things on the planet. Dave is working hard to master the art of bread from scratch. So is born the "Great Bread Experiment".
Last weekend Dave began the process, there was some angst let me assure you it was not an easy process. He was using the Mother Earth News - Crusty Bread recipe and well it wasn't going very well at first. The results were 2 great HUNKS of weighty sour-dough type breads. Tarynn, Andrew and I, being great sports gobbled it up to help boost his ego. OK that was a lie, it was REALLY good so we ate it all. Now I need to jog more.

Today Dave baked the remainder of the sour-dough (shown left) and began a new experiment. Rosemary Garlic Focaccia. The results were very enthusiastically inhaled by all. I did get a picture prior to the dismantling of the bread.

Behold the great bread experiment!

I do believe once he has this mastered, I need to shake it up a bit and have him do it in our "Someday soon" cob oven at Swood... don't you?


Jennifer said...

That looks good! Sounds like it was as tasty as it was pretty!

The Scavenger said...

Way to go Dave !! Us guys that can bake need to stick together man, we are very out numbered in the baking dept. Good job and keep on keepin on.


Shellmo said...

That bread looked WONDERFUl to me!! Nothing like the smell or taste of fresh baked bread!!

Hi ! I'm Cindy said...

Has he tried the Grandmother Bread on the Chickens in the Road? You can do anything with it!!!!

I love your blog....

We are in the same boat with the chickens......I found out I can have chickens in town and now I'm all over it and WE KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT CHICKENS, but we will learn!!

CindyP - CIR

Lisa said...

Jennifer: IT was!!

Chris: you are more alike than you think ;)

Shellmo: oh man it was soooo good.

Cindy: Hi :) i have not yet. we only recently discovered Chickens in the Road! LOVE it. I am getting fat though from all the cooking ;)